Remaining Ethereum AutoBurn in circulation

Ever dreamed of a cryptoasset that increases its value over time regardless of how much volume is traded and how deep is its price going downwards? Wanted to be rewarded for hodling in a simple way?

Then AutoBurn (ABN ERC20 token on Ethereum, EABN on Expanse blockchain and ABY on Binance Smart Chain) is the right token to buy & hold.


1) Deflationary. Any trade removes small portion (3% of the transaction) from ABN circulation permanently. Your balance becomes larger proportion of circulating supply.
2) Strong liquidity pool. Starting with 50 ETH from presale, every trade adds small portion (3% of the transaction) to the liquidity pool. 95+% of liquidity is locked for years at team.finance, majority until 2031.

3) The main feature: 3% price boost every day! Actual market price is increased by 3% at the time of the boost. It is achieved regardless of trade volume by burning 3% of ABN part from its Uniswap liquidity pool every day while ETH part is kept intact as well as holders’ ABN balances. This allows safer entry even at higher price levels.

4) Fair launch. The liquidity-building presale took over a month to build all current liquidity. Dev cut was only 0.4% to cover gas fees so no team can pull rug or dump on you.

5) Understandable contract code, no known way to exploit. AutoBurn contract is complete on launch and contract ownership has not even been implemented. Thus nobody, even the dev or team is able to modify AutoBurn. The presale was decentralized and autonomous as well and all ether from it went to the liquidity pool directly and zero to the deployer. This project is locked on deployment and can’t change. Only the free market on all remaining supply determines AutoBurn price.

And there are more useful features

1) Free wallet to wallet transfers. No limit on amount transacted, exempt from 3+3% fees as well.

2) Low gas costs. Unlike similar concepts calling expensive external functions to sell, add to liquidity, mint LP, ABN offers 50-80% savings on gas by adjusting LP internally and calling only the sync function when it’s done.

3) No big trades in a single transaction. Every transaction except wallet to wallet transfer has volume limit of 1% circulating supply. For example if ABN supply is 80k you can trade maximum 800 at once. However, balances and count of transactions are not limited.

4) Punish weak hands. To keep supply balanced there are fees mentioned above, 6% total for buy and 6% for sell. So that 3% daily boost feature covers strong hands in as few as 4 days. Such fees also keep front-running bots away. Use 7% or more slippage in Uniswap settings when trading.

Just buy and watch ABN price as well as your proportion of available supply grow every day.