AutoBurnYield remaining in circulation including 17% burnt in presale contract

Claim tokens: http://dxsale.app/app/pages/defipresale?saleID=2450&chain=BSC

Pancakeswap trade: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance

Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/pancakeswap/pair-explorer/…

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Ever dreamed of a cryptoasset that increases its value over time regardless of how much volume is traded and how deep is its price going downwards? Wanted to be rewarded for hodling by both yield and burn? Enjoying BSC chain and frictionless yield tokens?

Then AutoBurnYield (ABN BSC20 token on Binance Smart Chain is the right token to buy & hold.


1) Deflationary. Any trade removes small portion (2% of the transaction) from ABY circulation permanently. Your balance becomes larger proportion of circulating supply.
2) Strong liquidity pool. Starting with 55 BNB from V2 presale, every trade adds small portion (2% of the transaction) to the liquidity pool. 100% of liquidity is locked at DxSale.app until 2031.
3) Passive frictionless yield. Special feature of ABY, every trade distributes small portion (2% of the transaction) to holders.

4) The main feature: 3% price boost every day! Actual market price is increased by 3% at the time of the boost. It is achieved regardless of trade volume by burning 1% of ABY part from its Pancakeswap liquidity pool every day while BNB part is kept intact, holders’ ABY balances increase by additional 2% distributed proportionally. This allows safer entry even at higher price levels.

4) Fair launch. The liquidity-building presale is scheduled to raise 95 BNB in 2 days with at least 30 BNB.

5) Understandable contract code, no known way to exploit. AutoBurnYield contract is complete on launch and contract ownership is used to add/remove useful contract (presale, lock..) to fee whitelist only. Thus nobody, even the dev or team is able to modify AutoBurn in other ways. The presale is decentralized and autonomous as well and 95% BNB from it goes to the liquidity pool on finish. This project is locked on deployment and can’t change. Only the free market on all remaining supply determines AutoBurnYield price.

And there are more useful features

1) Free wallet to wallet transfers. No limit on amount transacted, exempt from 2+2+2% fees as well.

2) Batch transfers. AutoBurnYield is one of few tokens natively supporting array of recipients and amounts supplied in a single transaction without additional contract calling separate transfers. Your airdrops can be sent more easily and cheaper.

3) Team funds that can’t dump. The token contract has a function to collect BNB dust from liquidity additions. This can be used either to add to liquidity or for promotion or buyback purposes.

4) Punish weak hands. To keep supply balanced there are fees mentioned above, 6% total for buy and 6% for sell. So that 3% daily boost feature covers strong hands in as few as 4 days. Such fees also keep front-running bots away. Use 7% or more slippage in Pancakeswap settings when trading.

Just buy and watch ABY price as well as your proportion of available supply grow every day.