• Where should I buy ABN?
    Presale for both ABN and EABN finished. Check uniswap price and buy from Uniswap. 
  • I get an error:undefined or Confirm button is dead when swapping. How trade on Uniswap?
    Check slippage in Uniswap settings, increase to 7%. When selling set exact amount for ABN, not for the counterparty. Compare amount you intend to trade to ABN available supply, 1% bought at once may be later sold in 2 or more transactions if some supply was burn in meantime.
  • When is daily burn feature triggered?
    Daily burn is scheduled no earlier than midnight UTC every day. Once countdownPoolBurnDue reaches zero it is possible for anyone to call burn function from contract page on Etherscan. Just connect to metamask and call PoolBurnAndSync function.
  • Is there any risk?
    Any DeFi or generally cryptocurrency trading is not regulated and involves likeliness of losing all funds.
    AutoBurn is an experimental project. DYOR and read contract code thoroughly before trading. Check liquidity distribution and lock duration. Deployer has no liability, direct or indirectly implied, of any loss or damage caused by bugs in code or EVM, Solidity vulnerabilities, bot activity or malicious behavior of token holders.